Kikay Tuesday: Beauty and Fashion Books

When I was in high school even in college, I don’t put on make up as much as I do now. (Maybe it comes with age…) As long as I don’t have anything yucky on my face, a face powder… Continue Reading


Year End Adventure: Sky Diving

Here goes my most thrilling adventure yet… Three days before the year 2016, we went to Sydney’s largest skydive training centre. It is the closest and only fully self-contained Skydiving Centre in Sydney. This means they have their own run… Continue Reading


Random Wednesday: Pandora Series – Fifth Set of Charms Collection

Another set of charms for me! Yay! Like before, here’s the image summary of charms I got for this post. The bangle with a dainty bow clasp is a free gift last Christmas. Then I got the blue one from… Continue Reading


Theater 2015: Cats The Musical

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nuffnang and The Cats Musical  Last night, I was fortunate to get hold of a double pass ticket for the acclaimed revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The CATS Musical in Sydney.… Continue Reading


Random Thoughts: University and Dormitory

In two week’s time, my cousin will graduate from Year 12 and will start University life soon. I can still remember my own high school graduation and start of College and how life has been through the years. In most… Continue Reading


2015 Sydney: Auburn Cherry Blossom Festival

Last Saturday, we went to Auburn to see the Cherry Blossom festival. I’ve been in Sydney for more than 2 years now but it is only this year that we found out about this festival. We went to Cowra Japanese… Continue Reading